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"Dr. Drew and his staff are to be trusted completely. He listens with an open mind to what his patients are saying. He will determine a treatment plan but is not so focused on it that he does not hear and see when other treatment options are needed. I struggled with leg pain for about 6 weeks and am now basically pain free. My leg pain was really back pain and really intense. He did work with my Medical Physician and together they formed a plan to help me strengthen my back and hopefully lessen any future episodes of the disc problem they discovered. Trusting your chiropractor or any physician is most important to me. Dr. Drew is definitely the best and most honest doctor you will find."        -Nancy

"Dr. Drew and his staff helped my lower back issues tremendously! I only regret that it took me so long to call him! He was recommended to me by a friend who is a nurse and I valued their opinion tremendously."   -Barbara

"I have been having back issues for years, I was even considering surgery. After going to Dr Drew we identified some of my issues and pain points. He helped me make some little changes and exercises on top of the Chiropractic work. All this combined has changes my life. I have less pain, I feel better, I'm more active and I am no longer considering back surgery."    -Joseph

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